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Preventing A Calf Strain

Calf Stretch
To prevent a calf injury, stretch and keep your lower leg muscles loose and flexible. The more common upper and lower calf stretches are listed here. Here’s an another calf stretch.

Sit on the floor.
Place your right leg straight out and bend your left leg placing the sole of your left foot against your inner right thigh.
Keep your back straight and bend from your hips towards your extended right leg. Depending on your flexibility, use a towel around the ball of your right foot to pull your toes towards your knee. Otherwise use your hands to pull your toes towards your right knee.
You’ll feel a stretch in your lower right leg, both your upper and lower calf.
Hold for 10-30 seconds.
Repeat stretch on your left leg.
Perform stretch 2-3 times.
To increase the calf stretch lean more from your waist.
Another important thing about preventing calf strains or any injuries is to always stay HYDRATED!!!

Strengthen Your Calf Muscles
Try these simple calf raises to strengthen your calf muscles and reduce your risk of calf injury.

Rise up on your toes and lower back down. Do 10-15 on each leg every day (or every few days) and build up to 30. Stretch your calf, both lower and upper, and Achilles tendon after wards.
If you want more load, move your calf raises to a step. Place the ball of your foot on the step and let the heel hang over the edge. Rise up on your toe and then slowly lower the heel below the step.
Again do 10-15 on each leg and build up to 30. Do these calf raises on your easy run days, not after a speed workout, hills or long run. Your calf muscles have already been taxed enough. Remember to follow with lots of stretching.

You may want to take it even further by holding dumbbells while doing your calf raises.

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