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JJ’s Soccer Stats and Bio

I joined the Slammers FC in 2004 and at that time was the youngest player to ever join. I played up a year and gained valuable knowledge being with the Slammers GU95. My coach’s were Greg Baker for 2 years, Walid Khoury, Walter Loyola, Trevor Ickes, U11 through U14 Ziad Khoury, U 15 and 16 George Larsen.

For the 2012/13 ECNL season, again our team will have all 3 coaches at every game, with George coaching our team. All 3 coaches have been selected as Cal South Coach’s of the Year. What a privilege it is to have them guiding my career. All 3 are different from each other and I have learned so much from each one. I love all my coaches!

While at the Slammers, I was lucky to have trained with the great Mia Hamm. Being able to ask her questions and listening to her great stories and all those training tips, will stay with me my entire life.

I am always looking for ways to improve my game, whether it is training on a specific technique on a skill or on free kicks. Watching games and studying them, or even clips on youtube of Messi’s deceptive movement when he gets the ball are ways that help me with the game. I consider my self quick learner and a coachable player.

Another hobby of mine is leadership and studying the great leaders who have opened doors before us. My Dad has helped me with developing that love for learning. I am also an author of the book “101 Quotes For Athletes” Lessons in Leadership.

I hope to hear from you and any soccer tips and stories you may have.
Yours in soccer,

JJ Soccer Stats and Bio

Quick Stats
    1. Height: 5’7″
    2. Position:Anywhere on the field, but preferably, Attacking Center Mid
    3. School: Mater Dei class of 2015
    4. Teams:Slammers FC GU 96

5. 2011-2012 ECNL Season – Played Attacking & Holding Center Mid, Forward. Played 13 games, scored 5 goals, had 7 Assists.
6.Current GPA: 4.0

  1. Yellow Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  2. “Perfect Pitch Piano Award” (yes I have perfect pitch) Yamaha Music Center Irvine
  3. MVP 2005 Chargers Soccer Team
  4. 13- Tournament Championships: Slammers Cup, WCFC Classic, Surf Cup (guest player) for Manchester, 2 Long Beach Sun and Surf, 2 Nike Harvest Cup, Nike Real So Cal Cup (3 times), 4 Irvine Winter and Summer Cup wins,
  5. “Stars- All Star Basketball Club Team” NJB Basketball league champions,
Unique JJ Cool
  • Played soccer with Mia Hamm
  • Went 1V1 with Cobi Jones and juggled with him
  • Hiked Half Dome in Yosemite
  • Sparred Mixed Martial Arts with Boys and Won!
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