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Hip Labrum Tear

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Hip Labral Tears

Hip labral tears occur when the labrum, a band of cartilage surrounding the hip joint, is injured. Labral injuries can be the result of trauma, such as a fall or a car accident, but are most commonly caused by repetitive trauma to the hip joint. Individuals who participate [...]

Congrats to Rachel Wood!

Rachel Wood Begins Soccer Career Abroad

Rachel Wood will be wearing No. 28.

IRVINE, Calif. — The Anteaters’ global reach continues to grow in the soccer world. The latest member: Rachel Wood.

The Laguna Niguel native came home to southern California for her senior season after playing a majority of her collegiate soccer [...]


Tag Archives: anterior talofibular ligament tear December 23, 2011 When an “ankle sprain” is not just an ankle sprain… By Stark Sports Med Docs

Were you told you have just an “ankle sprain” but it is not getting better? Read more to see if you may have one of the other injuries that can occur [...]

Preventing A Calf Strain

Calf Stretch To prevent a calf injury, stretch and keep your lower leg muscles loose and flexible. The more common upper and lower calf stretches are listed here. Here’s an another calf stretch.

Sit on the floor. Place your right leg straight out and bend your left leg placing the sole of your left foot [...]

What’s Happening In Your Spring?

Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all well and having a great spring. There are some fantastic articles I’m proud of this Month. Check out the article and pictures on ACL injuries. I learned so much about prevention. Also great nutrition tips for young women athletes. OK maybe not just for women.. May is Busy Busy [...]